All the restaurants serve specialities made with top-quality ingredients and prepared with the love of food that Italians are famous for.

Club Restaurants

An intimate place with exquisite delicacies to tempt you. There's a special restaurant for Suite Guests and Members of the highest level of the CostaClub, where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in an intimate and elegant setting. In the Club Restaurants pure flavour is the order of the day, and the presentation and service is even more meticulous. For dinner the restaurant serves both regional menus from the main restaurants and gourmet specialities.

Samsara Restaurant

For guests who want to try something different! In an elegant setting, the Samsara restaurant combines the creativity of Costa chefs with traditional ingredients from Pacific and Mediterranean cuisines. Fresh, mouthwatering flavours and innovative cuisine, full of the aromas and fragrances of Asia and South America, but prepared with the Mediterranean style at heart. The Pacific fusion menu is a real explosion of flavours!

Self-Service Restaurants

Grab a quick snack by the pool and get the holiday feeling. Costa buffets are ideal for both quick lunches, if you just want a snack, as well as long lunches to top up your energy levels for all the excitement ahead. You can also have dinner in the buffet restaurants. We especially recommend this when you want a quick meal or if you have a large group of people with different requirements.

Pummid'Oro Pizzeria

Top quality ingredients, 100% Made in Italy There is one place on board where you will feel like you are in Italy more than anywhere else - "The Pummid'Oro pizzeria". Here you can enjoy the most famous of all Italian dishes, made according to the original recipe. The secret is in keeping it simple; using wholesome ingredients, like fiordilatte mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil. The best hot and crispy pizzas are made by the most skilled Costa pizza chefs.

Teppanyaki Restaurant

A light and stylish Oriental setting serving Japanese cuisine. Costa will take you around the world on water as well as at the table, with dinners that are always an experience to be enjoyed. On the Costa Diadema, for example, you can spend an evening at the wonderful Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant, a genuine Oriental-style lounge-restaurant. You can order light sushi, sashimi and lots of other Oriental specialities skillfully prepared by the chefs. It will feel as if you have actually been to Japan !

Dresden Green Pub

Raise a toast to a totally Bavarian experience Join us on board the Costa Diadema for one of the most interesting new experiences: the Dresden Green Pub. A real Bavarian pub in the middle of the sea! It's the ideal place for a fun evening with friends or family, sampling the craft beers on offer in a casual setting where you can chat the night away. Every time you toast, you will get the real Bavarian feeling, sourrounded by traditional wood furniture, wooden beams and casks. Besides the lagers, bitters and weissbiers, it offers something that Münich doesn´t - a sea view. Prost!

Wine Bars

The perfect place to enjoy a real Italian aperitif The wine bars on all the Costa ships, are the perfect place to enjoy a real Italian aperitif. Try our selection of top-quality wines from the various regions of Italy are served with cheese and nibbles that enhances their flavour in an elegant setting. In the wine bars we use modern wine dispensers for bottles and air-conditioned cellars to keep the wines at the ideal temperature, protecting them from the air and preparing them for your palate. The attention to detail in the Wine Bars is second to none, including the sea view, ensuring that every occasion is perfect. If you love wine, we recommend our exciting Wine Tasting Package, a complete package that gives you the chance to try select top-quality wines. The wines are 100% Italian, and are all DOC or DOCG wines.

Chocolate and Ice Cream Bars

Try our mouthwatering chocolate Come to the Chocolate Bar and just smell the aromatic cocoa that wafts through the air! A hot chocolate? A chocolate shake? A special praline? A slice of sachertorte? Or perhaps a flavoured coffee? You can try them all here! Costa has chosen the very best supplier that Italy has to offer: the quality chocolate and pastry items are all made by Gobino and Biasetto. You will not be able to resist the chocolate fountain, an infinite waterfall of sweety goodness, ready to dip your crunchy biscuits or fresh fruit into. Try our delicious new crêpes too. At the moment you can choose from Nutella, white chocolate, peach jam, strawberries but soon there will be many more flavours available! A special highlight is Costa Diadema, where besides the Chocolate Bar there is also a homemade ice cream bar, like something out of a fairytale.

Special diets

We want to serve you the perfect holiday. Our Costa chefs' creativity knows no boundries! If you follow a special diet, such as gluten-free or a hypoglycaemic for diabetics, or if you have an allergy or intolerance, you can safely enjoy all the wonderful cuisine during your Costa holiday. Our chefs will be happy to tickle your tastebuds with delicious menus that take account of your specific dietary needs. Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus for coeliacs are available in restaurants on all our ships and if you prefer you can also bring food from home for your diet. If you are heading out on an excursion you can also ask for a packed lunch that meets your dietary needs, so that you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest and follow your usual diet wherever you are.

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