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Excursion 'MUMBAI BY LIGHTS – A CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS (evening tour)'


"Mumbai by lights” will indulge you in a totally different facet of the city of Mumbai – a City that never sleeps.

What we will see
  • local bazzar
  • bollywood movie in cinema
  • taste local cuisne

What we will do
  • Mumbai, a city of many facets, transforms into a dazzling entertainment centre and continues its trade activities as the sun sets and the lights come on. As the dusk set, you will be taken from the pier for a unique experience of the dazzling and vibrant Mumbai in the evening hours; bright, dazzling, busy local bazar’s, selling clothes, street food, sweet vendors and garments.
  • After the bazar we peep into a typical Bollywood cinema and we taste the local cuisine.
  • On the way back to the ship we drive past the illuminated city to return with a wealth of experience.
When would you like to leave?
Adult € 60.00
Child (3-13 old) € 45.00
Length 5 hours approximately
Level Easy Easy
Type Cultural Cultural
Fun Fun
Tasting Tasting
What you need to know

The departure time will be on the late afternoon. We suggest you have a rich snack before departure of the excursion. The tour includes a light tasting. You will find a light dinner in the cabin on your return.