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B.E.S.T. 4: Integrated quality, environment, safety and social accountability policy

Integrated quality, environment, safety and social accountability policy

Finding a balance between development needs and the new requirements emerging from society is one of the greatest challenges for companies at the present time. Costa Cruises' response is to do its job to the best of its abilities, achieving economic results and supporting development, while also addressing the needs that arise from the international social context in which it operates, as society evolves over time. For a leading company like ours, this translates into a constant commitment to quality, safety, environmental protection, respect for the rights of workers and ensuring decent working conditions.

New challenges for the company of the future

Costa Cruises' commitment to constantly improving its corporate management processes was recognised by RINA in May 2004 with the B.E.S.T. 4 (Business Excellence Sustainable Task) recognition, a voluntary integrated certification scheme that confirms our compliance with the highest international standards regarding: B.E.S.T. 4 epitomises the modern vision of the company, extending the concepts of “management excellence” and “wealth creation” by adding an ability to integrate with the socio-environmental context in which the company operates to their traditional economic connotations.
The certification implies a commitment to ongoing improvement through shared objectives, regular audits, gradual implementation of corrective actions and communication of the results achieved. Costa Cruises' commitment is formalised in programme statements regarding its  integrated quality, environment, safety and social accountability policy. B.E.S.T. 4 has a concrete effect on corporate organisation: all processes (regardless of the area of activity) are integrated into a single system aimed at optimising the use of resources and maximising operational effectiveness. Compliance with the certification standards is supported by investments in staff training and technology, in order to ensure maximum reliability and continuity.

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The activity results

The activity results
Application of the new B.E.S.T. 4 corporate management system has had satisfactory results that are encouraging for the future, particularly in terms of social responsibility (SA 8000). The following documents summarise the results of the work carried out: