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CostaClub Program General Conditions
1. Purpose
2. Conditions and Membership Information
3. The CostaClub Card - Membership Number - Length of Membership
4. Accumulation of Points
5. Aquamarine, Coral, Pearl and Gold Pearl Membership
6. The Privileges reserved for CostaClub Members
7. Changes to the CostaClub rules – general regulations

Privacy Policy

1. Purpose
Costa Crociere S.p.A. (“Costa”) has created the "Costa Club Program" (“CostaClub”) as a non-profit making promotional program for the purpose of:
-  ensuring a series of recognitions and advantages to Costa's most faithful customers, according to these general conditions (the "General Conditions") and special conditions that will be communicated periodically; and
-  promoting the image, colors and values of the Costa brand and its tourist services.
Costa Cruise Lines Inc (“CCL”) may manage certain aspects of CostaClub for Costa. 

2. Conditions and Membership Information
2.1 Any individual may join CostaClub who (i) is at least 18 years old, (ii) has taken at least one cruise with Costa and (iii) is a resident of the U.S. or Canada (having given a U.S. or Canadian mailing address at the time of joining).
2.2 CostaClub membership is free and may be activated by visiting or calling 1-888-81-COSTA. If made onboard, the membership request will be processed within 60 days after the end of the cruise. The Member guarantees that all information she/he has given is correct and only she/he is responsible for it. The data given by Members to join CostaClub is used to run the program and is managed by Costa in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003, which guarantees its use according to the purposes outlined in the section "Privacy Policy" in these General Conditions.  

3. The CostaClub Card - Membership Number - Length of Membership
3.1 Once membership has been confirmed, each Member will receive a Membership Number at the address indicated.  
3.2 The CostaClub Card (the “Card”) displaying the Membership Number will be issued to the new Member onboard the ship during the first cruise after registering for CostaClub. The Card is in the Member's name, is the property of Costa and has a magnetic strip. It may only be used by the Member as provided in these General Conditions. The Card also functions as a "credit card" for making purchases during the cruise, as an identification document (a boarding pass for entry and exit to the ship) and cabin key on most of the Costa ships.
3.3 CostaClub membership lasts for three years. Membership will automatically be renewed for another three years when another Costa cruise is booked, it being understood that Members have the right to discontinue their membership of the CostaClub Program at any time, in accordance with Article 7.11. If no booking is made for three years, all privileges are temporarily suspended until a subsequent booking is made or at the specific request of a Member, while the number of points collected by the Member remains unchanged.  

4. Accumulation of Points
4.1 The points constitute the basic unit of calculation used by Costa for the CostaClub.  An account, to which the points are credited, is linked to the Membership Number. The Membership Number must always be quoted when booking cruises in order to allow the crediting of the associated points and entitlement to the privileges reserved for Members.
Members that have taken a cruise after 15 May 2001 accumulate their points on the basis of the number of nights spent on the cruise onboard the Costa ships and total expenses onboard the Costa ships as indicated below:
• For every cruise night the Member will be credited with 100 points;
• For every US$60 spent onboard, excluding fractions of that amount, the Member will be credited with 40 points.
Members that have taken a cruise during the period from 1 January 1993 to 14 May 2001 which is present in the Costa database will be credited with 1,000 points, regardless of the length of the cruise or the amount spent onboard. If the cruise is not found in the Costa database, the Member must supply documentation proving that she/he took the cruise on the dates indicated.
4.2 Points will not be credited in any case (relative to the cruise nights) if the Member is traveling with a free ticket. Furthermore, points will not be credited to the Member if reasons independent of the will of the carrier or safety reasons have caused the cancellation of the cruises.
4.3 Only onboard purchases made by the Member with the Card supplied in the cabin and activated at the beginning of the cruise will be valid for the credit of points. Points will not be credited for onboard purchases charged to any other magnetic card or if made by a person sharing the same cabin. Furthermore, points will not be credited for purchases in the casinos and during onboard auctions.
4.4 Points are automatically credited 30 days after the end of each cruise. Costa reserves the right to rectify the account of any Member of points accredited erroneously and to attribute credits in supplementary points on the occasion of specific promotional campaigns which the Member will be informed about in a timely manner. Furthermore, Costa reserves the right at any time to proceed with an audit of the total number of points accumulated by the Members. The information relative to the CostaClub account (statements, etc.) are issued as a purely indicative accounting and the statements cannot be reproduced or issued in duplicate copies.
4.5 Members who believe that they have the right to more points than those shown on their account statement should send copies of cruise tickets and receipts for payment of onboard expenses considered lacking to CostaClub. We will consider only requests received within one year of the date of departure of the cruise in question. This is to allow for necessary controls and the calculation of the correct number of points to be credited to the Member. Requests for updating points may be made by sending your first and last name and Membership Number, along with the requested documentation to CostaClub by fax to 954-266-2100 or by mail to CostaClub at the address below.
4.6 Members may check their account statement at our website by registering in the reserved area or by calling 1-888-81-COSTA. 

5. Aquamarine, Coral, Pearl and Gold Pearl Membership
There are 4 membership levels defined according to the number of points and the number of cruises taken:
AQUAMARINE: reserved for Members who have accumulated up to 2000 points
CORAL: reserved for members who have between 2001 and 5000 points
PEARL: reserved for members who have 5,001 points or more
Upgrading to the next category occurs automatically upon reaching the above thresholds. Members will receive written notification of the upgrade.

GOLD PEARL: the new CostaClub level that will come into effect on 1 November 2009.
From this date the number of points needed and cruises that have to be taken to become a member of this level will be calculated as below.
To become a Gold Pearl member the following factors will be taken into account:
1. the number of points accumulated:  at least 13,001 points
2. the cruises taken: 3 cruises must have been taken in the previous 36 months
These conditions are essential to become and remain a Gold Pearl member, otherwise, although you will keep the same number of points, you will revert to Pearl membership.
The cruises taken into account will be calculated as follows:
1. on 1 November 2009, the launch date of the new level, all those who have completed 3 cruises since November 2006 will be considered for membership. The length of their membership will be calculated based on the month of departure of the first of the 3 cruises taken (e.g. if the first of the three cruises taken was in December 2006 membership will last until 31 December 2009)
2. the system will recalculate your status based on the cruises taken in the last three years, adding and removing those who meet the requirements month by month.
 By registering on the website members can check of they are Gold Pearl members and the month that their membership of this level expires.
Any special discounts for Gold Pearl members can be used only in the period that they are members of this level and can be used for bookings that depart after their membership expires. In this case members may use the discount when they book, but once on board the cruise they may not use the associated privileges.   

6. The Privileges reserved for CostaClub Members
6.1 Members have the right to a series of Privileges differentiated according to the category of membership. The privileges are classified as: a) Supplementary services or status benefits and discounts on purchases of good and services made onboard the ship and b) Discounts on the purchase of a Costa cruise.
6.2 Allocation of the Privileges is subject to the entry of each participating Member's Membership Number at the moment of holding or confirming cruise bookings. The order and days of allocation of the onboard Privileges may vary according to the duration of the cruise and the organization of the ship and may not be disputed by Members.
6.3 The list of supplementary services and discounts on onboard purchases are shown in the CostaClub guide and in the newsletters sent to Members.
Costa reserves the right to change the conditions for receiving Privileges and also the content of the Privileges themselves, provided that the rights already acquired by the Members are safeguarded and that the Members are informed beforehand.
6.4 The Privileges are divided into Personal Privileges and Cabin Privileges. The Personal Privileges are reserved for the Member as an individual person. The Cabin Privileges presume the division of the privileges among all the occupants of the same cabin. The presence of several Members in the same cabin does not give the right to multiple or cumulative distribution of Cabin Privileges.
6.5 The distribution of the “Privileged Boarding” and “Privileged Disembarkation” and “Preferential Boarding” and “Preferential Disembarkation” privileges may undergo variations or suspension without warning for operational reasons. These services refer exclusively to the embarkation at the beginning of the cruise and the disembarkation that precedes the end of the cruise. Members of the Coral and Pearl categories who wish to use the "Privilege Embarkation" service will be given an embarkation number upon presentation of one of the following documents to the Customer Service desk: CostaClub Card; page of cruise ticket bearing Membership Number and category of CostaClub membership; or CostaClub welcome letter bearing Membership Number and category of membership. Members of the Pearl category who wish to use the “Privilege Disembarkation” service will be put in the first groups for disembarkation, operational situation of the individual stops permitting. The Gold Pearl Members wishing to use the “Preferential Boarding” service must present their cruise ticket at the Customer Service desk when boarding in order to collect their personal embarkation number. For the “Preferential Disembarkation” service, Gold Pearl Members will be put in the first groups for disembarkation, operational situation of the individual stops permitting. For the preferential disembarkation for excursions, Gold Pearl members will receive information on board. The onboard information office may consider possible special requests if they are made in good time and not later than the day prior to the end of the cruise. The order of embarkation or disembarkation may vary from cruise to cruise depending on the harbors of embarkation, the departure or arrival schedule forecast for the ship, and applicable security regulations and shall not be disputed by Members.
6.6 CostaClub discounts on onboard purchases are recognized at the moment the purchase is registered using the Card. No discounts on onboard purchases may be used in conjunction with other promotions. The discount on the cruise video and on the purchase of Costa books is not applicable for multiple purchases of the same product. The discount on the selected beauty and spa treatments is allotted to coincide with the opening of the wellness centres during port calls. The invitation to the complimentary dinner in the Club Restaurants is reserved for Pearl and Gold Pearl Members. The invitation does not cover the cost of drinks and is not valid for the service charge.
Gold Pearl vouchers that are used in the Photoshop (15 euros/15 USD) and the Wellness Centres (30 euros/30 USD) will be deducted from accounts at the end of the cruise only if the Gold Pearl Member card has been used to make the purchase.
The 10 euros/10 USD of casino chips for Pearl Members (or 30 euros/30 USD for Gold Pearl Members) will be credited directly to the Costa Card and may only be used at gaming tables.
Pearl and Gold Pearl Members can request their chips or the same value in Bingo cards from the Casino cashier. 
For the U.S. market, as prohibited by law to give alcohol to anyone under 21 years old., the bottle of sparkling wine  will not be distributed  if the CostaClub  member  entitled is  not older  than 21 years.
6.7 CostaClub discount on the purchase of a cruise will be recognized directly by the travel agency at the time of holding or confirming a booking. The Member’s Membership Number must be entered at the time of booking to obtain the discount and it is not possible to obtain the discount after booking. Commercial discounts will be applied only on the condition that the Member actually goes on the cruise, even if the Member is not present at the moment of booking.
6.8 The CostaClub discount applies to the total cost of the cabin only, and is not applicable to the cost of flights, transfers, port taxes and land accommodation where applicable and anything else mentioned in the discount information provided.
6.9 The combinability of the CostaClub discount on the purchase of a cruise with other promotions must always be checked. Members are asked to check directly with their travel agent. The CostaClub discount is subject to cabin availability for each cruise.

7. Changes to the CostaClub rules – general regulations
7.1 Costa reserves the right to modify or integrate all or part of these General Conditions by communicating such changes to the Members and provided that the rights already acquired by the Members are safeguarded, and to cancel the program on six months prior notice addressed to the Members. No points will be credited to a Member’s account after notice of cancellation of CostaClub is announced.
7.2 The CostaClub Program will run until 15 May 2011, provided that Costa may in its sole discretion extend the duration of the program.
7.3 Costa Cruises, in its unquestionable judgement, reserves the right to exclude  from the Club Program any member that fails to comply with all requirements  under these Rules and/or his/her conduct is not adhering to the same Rules and does not comply with the law, the General Regulations of the Company or any  of the partner companies, showing a behaviour detrimental to the image of the Company or that tries to use their membership and membership documents in a  manner different from that outlined in the regulations. In case of exclusion and/or closure of the account, the points accumulated up to that moment and relative  privileges will be forfeited. Costa Cruises reserves the right to deny participation to the Program to those who do not meet the requirements of these Regulations.
7.4 Corporations and other legal entities, as well as employees of Costa, are excluded from participation in CostaClub.
7.5 Any communication to the Members foreseen by these General Conditions will be made by Costa via publication in the appropriate section on the website or via written communication sent to the email address or home address provided by the Member. Members should promptly communicate any change of address by calling 1-888-81-COSTA or by fax to 954-266-2100 or writing to CostaClub, Costa Cruise Lines Inc, 200 South Park Road, Suite 200, Hollywood, Florida 33021-8541 or updating it online at
7.6 The points and privileges assigned to the Members are strictly personal and cannot be yielded, transferred, sold, converted into money or reimbursed in the case of partial use. Every Member may be the holder of only one account and one Membership Number. In case of error in which there is more than one account and/or Membership Number registered to the same Member, Costa will transfer the points accumulated to one single account and cancel the other accounts and relative Membership Numbers.
7.7 In no circumstances will points (for the cruise days) be credited if the Member is travelling on a free or special ticket, nor will the cruise count towards achieving Gold Pearl status. Furthermore, points will not be credited to the Member if the cruise has been cancelled due to reasons independent of the will of the carriers or safety reasons.
7.8 Participation in the CostaClub shall be subject to these General Conditions. The Member has the right at any time to interrupt his/her participation in the CostaClub Program.
7.9 In the case of any controversy concerning the validity, interpretation and/or execution of these General Conditions and the CostaClub Program, Italian law and jurisdiction will be exclusively applicable.  

Privacy Policy
Costa Crociere S.p.A. is thoroughly committed to guaranteeing the privacy of its customers.  It is an Italian corporation and follows the standards established by the European regulations on data protection which are applied throughout the Costa Group.  All data regarding customers registered in the CostaClub Program is treated by Costa, as Data Controller, according to the regulations of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 - Code regarding the protection of personal data. Costa has appointed the Corporate Marketing Department in accordance with Art. 29 of Legislative Decree 196/2003. Collected data may be processed for the following purposes: (i) to guarantee members a series of advantages and privileges; (ii) the statistical use of profiles of customers/members to create products and services that are more suited to their needs; (iii) information and promotional activity regarding Costa and, with the Member's permission, promotional and commercial activities of third parties that are Costa partners. Data processing will be carried out on paper, in soft copy and telephonically, in such a way as to guarantee the privacy of data. Collected data will not be forwarded and shall only be communicated for the purposes described above to the following parties: (a) persons, companies, associations or professional practices that carry out assistance and consultancy services and activities for Costa, with particular but not exclusive reference to accountancy, administrative, legal, fiscal and financial matters; (b) connected companies, companies belonging to the same Group as Costa, even those located abroad; (c) parties whose freedom to access the data is recognized by laws and secondary regulations. The list of parties to whom data may be communicated is available from Costa and may be requested from Costa’s Marketing Department. Also, data may be made available, in as much as they have been entrusted by Costa to perform certain processing functions, to both internal staff who process the data to manage the relationship between Costa and customers, and external parties who have been assigned such duties by Costa. Data may be transferred abroad to both EU and non-EU countries, but only to companies that belong to the same Group as Costa. In accordance with Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, all customers may, by sending a written request to Costa Crociere - Direzione Corporate Marketing, Piazza Piccapietra 48 - 16121 Genova, Italy, exercise all those rights described in Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, including: the right to discover of the origin of the data as well as the logic and purposes of its processing; the deletion, transformation in anonymous form or blocking of any data processed in violation of the law, as well as the update, correction or, if requested, the addition of data; the right to oppose data processing for legitimate reasons; the right to refuse the use of data for commercial, advertising or marketing purposes.
Also, because Costa Cruise Lines Inc is a subsidiary of Costa, CCL follows the standards established by the European regulations on data protection which are applied throughout the Costa Group.  The privacy policy and data processing principals followed by CCL are on the following website:

Costa Cruises
(Chairman and Managing Director).