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Four exclusive clubs Aquamarine, Coral, Pearl and Gold Pearl.

CostaClub rewards your loyalty. Every Costa cruise allows you to build up points, allowing you to move up from the Aquamarine Club to the Pearl Club and finally to the new Gold Pearl Club, thus enjoying increasingly exclusive privileges. How?
You will receive 100 points for every day you spend on a cruise, 40 points for every 52 euros spent on board and registered on your personal CostaClub Member Card. For the Gold Pearl Club, account is also taken of cruises taken by the Member during the previous 36 months.
The CostaClub Card opens up a world of privileges! You will find it in your cabin at the start of your cruise!

Remember to show your card to take advantage of all the benefits reserved for you and build up points that will allow you to move up from one Club to the next and thus enjoy increasingly exclusive services.

Discover all the Club privileges   Special discounts for Members

Aquamarine Club:
reserved for members who have accumulated up to 2,000 points
  Coral Club:
reserved for members who have between 2,001 and 5,000 points.  
  Pearl Club:
reserved for members who have 5,001 points or more.
  Gold Pearl Club:
dedicated to members who have at least 13,001 points and have been on 3 cruises in the past 3 years.

Always provide your Membership Number. when exercising your option/booking. This is essential in order to benefit from the on-board discounts and privileges that CostaClub has in store for you.