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A Costa cruise is an endless source of excitement and fun. We offer over 2,000 different excursions, giving you a new adventure every day in every corner of the world. Discover all the offers we have for your holiday, you'll be sure to find the ideal excursion for you. Fancy a museum? Passionate about eco-adventures? Love local crafts and ethnic markets? All your wishes will be granted. Don't hesitate, buy your preferred excursion now. Simply enter your Name and Booking Number to guarantee your place, and also the price!

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There are wonders to be found in every country: choose the excursion you find most fascinating and you'll quickly discover the cruise of your dreams!

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Tailor-made excursions
Discover our personalized excursions which are tailor-made for you. Adventure, excitement, enchantment and magical settings that you can enjoy independently without restrictions, but with the guidance and advice from our staff. A truly exclusive service that will make your cruise a unique and unforgettable experience, just as you've always imagined it.
Traveling is fun, discovery, adventure, enrichment and in particular a time to indulge yourself. With Costa Cruises it can be the same for the countries that host you. For this reason Costa offers Eco-excursions, with focus on the respect of the environmental, economic and social needs of each destination. Traveling is a way to fulfill the needs of the local people and their environment with responsibility and low impact. Discover all the opportunities offered by your next Costa cruise and experience the excitement of a sustainable holiday.