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See locations such as Arabian Emirates from the ocean! At Costa Cruise, our mission is to make Dubai cruises accessible to anyone who loves to explore distant and foreign lands via the open waters. If you’re ready to embark on a journey filled with endless fun days and memories that will last a lifetime, look at our Dubai cruises or cruises to Arabian Emirates. Once a grand voyage only enjoyed by a select few —Costa Cruise is proud to make travel to Dubai affordable to anyone. To see the Dubai cruises we have to offer, look below.

Bahrain Cruise

Its reputation as a relatively liberal and modern Persian Gulf country makes Bahrain a favourite destination among tourists. One of the world's oldest civilizations originated here, and some believe that it was the location of the Garden of Eden. Two extremely interesting characteristics of this country are the drinking of traditional Arabian coffee and the large number of museums it hosts.

Oman Cruise

At the eastern end of the Arabian peninsula, this traditionalist but open-minded sultanate will captivate you with its authentic atmosphere.

United Arab Emirates Cruise

In the seven states of the Persian Gulf, the colors and shapes of Arab tradition coexist in harmony with modernity, against the backdrop of the desert.