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Full immersion into the lifestyle and habits of those who have left behind the city and moved to a kibbutz in the desert.

What we will see
  • Kibbutz Lotan
  • Kibbutz Neot Semadar

What we will do
  • We will depart the port of Eilath passing by the Arava Valley to arrive at kibbutz Lotan. The only settlement of its kind in Israel, built in compliance with eco-friendly building principles, using eco-friendly and sustainable materials, such as straw, mud and recycled materials.
  • We will try a tea made using organically grown herbs, produced right here.
  • After a short journey by coach, we will arrive at kibbutz Neot Semadar, where we will have the opportunity to get to know the people who work here; by listening to them, we will try and understand what prompted them to begin a new life in the desert.
  • Once the visit to the kibbutz has ended, our excursion holds more in store with further pleasant surprises: a visit to an art centre and a windcatcher, local wine tasting and finally a visit to an organic product store where it is possible to purchase local products before returning to the port.
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Adult € 74.00
Child (3-13 old) € 89.00
Length 6 hours approximately
Level Easy Easy
Type Eco Natural Trail Eco Natural Trail
What you need to know
  • Places on this excursion are limited. We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.
  • Guide in lingua italiana disponibili in numero limitato; qualora non fossero disponibili l'escursione sarà condotta da una guida le cui spiegazioni verranno fornite in italiano da un traduttore locale.
  • The itinerary may be subject to change.
  • The local guide at the kibbutz may only speak English.