Terms of use for user-generated content.

Costa Crociere S.p.A. requests its users with a social media account for permission to publish their content on its websites, social networks and promotional materials. Read this document to find out how Costa Cruises requires your permission to use your social content in this way:

if Costa Cruises asks you to reply with the hashtag #costaok, then you accept these Terms of Use.

With reference to images, videos, voices, interviews (the “Material”), you grant Costa Crociere S.p.A., with its registered office at Piazza Piccapietra 48, 16121 Genova P.IVA [VAT No.] 02545900108 and all other Costa Group companies, its officers, employees, agents, proxies, licensees, successors, assignees and any subject thereof, (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Company”) the full right to use the Material, in any form or by any means of exploitation, to reproduce, digitally modify, edit, create derivative works, show, publish, make available to the public in streaming mode and/or by download, transmit, distribute, sell, license, loan, lease and surrender the originals, reproductions, editions, adaptations, derivations and modifications of the videographic and photographic material on any media or known or subsequently developed media, including exemplary and non-exhaustive websites (e.g. publicly-accessible websites, Intranets and sites that host third-party content), social media and social networks, blogs, publications in electronic format, webcasts, multimedia links, apps for tablets and/or smartphones and/or similar devices, anywhere in the world, indefinitely, relating to the promotion, advertising and demonstration of the products and/or activities of the Companies.

You acknowledge and consent to the use of the Material and note that the author’s name will not be used.

You also waive any claim to royalties or other forms of compensation arising from or relating to the implementation or use of the Material.

We guarantee that we hold the necessary authorisations to use the images portrayed in the Material published by the same person, who shall indemnify the Company for any instance, action, claim for damages, responsibility or demand that may arise relating to the use of the Material for the above purposes.

You understand and agree that the Material is the exclusive property of the Company, which owns all the rights to and interests on such Material, including the copyright.

You acknowledge no additional agreement between yourself and the Company shall govern the subject matter contained in this waiver.

The undersigned confirms that he/she is of legal age and has the capacity to act. You confirm that you have read every part of this waiver before accepting it: you confirm that you fully understand its content, meaning and consequences. You accept that the undersigned, their heirs, assignees and executors shall be bound by this waiver and the content thereof. In consideration of the above, you agree and sign this waiver.