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In this tour, you will visit Iga City, famous for Ninja culture.

The small but well done Iga Ninja Museum delivers a comprehensive ninja experience: it consists of a ninja residence, two exhibition halls and a stage which hosts ninja shows. The ninja residence looks ordinary from the outside, but within it is devised with revolving walls, trap doors and hidden compartments. The exhibition halls display ninja tools, gadgets, costumes and weapons. They also inform about the ninja way of life and practical techniques used by the ninja.

The ninja show features authentic ninja skills and real weapons, including a splendid demonstration of using throwing stars. Although the shows are held in Japanese only, they are still highly entertaining for non-Japanese speakers as most of the action speaks for itself.

Ueno Castle, originally constructed in the late 16th century and later enlarged, served as the seat of the local lords during the Edo Period (1603-1867). The castle tower was destroyed in a storm less than 50 years later and not rebuilt until 1935 when a local resident provided funding for the tower's reconstruction. Unlike many other Japanese castles which were reconstructed in the 20th century using concrete, Ueno Castle was rebuilt with wood only, giving it a beautiful, original look and atmosphere both on the inside and outside.

Before going back to the ship, you will have photo stop at Sekijuku. Sekijuku preserves traditional wooden houses along the Street.

Please Note: the order of the itinerary may vary.The bus ride depends on the order of the itinerary. Space is limited, therefore we strongly suggest to book early. Due to travel season in Japan, heavy traffic jam will be expected. There is no place to exchange money in the port, preparing Japanese Yen is strongly recommended. The clear view of the landscape is subject to the weather conditions. Wear low-heeled, comfortable walking shoes .

What we will see
  • City of Iga
  • Ninja museum
  • Exhibition rooms, Ninja residence, live show
  • Castle of Ueno

What we will do
  • We leave the port behind us by coach and head inland to Iga, the city of ninjas in the heart of historical Japan.
  • Once there, we visit Iga’s Ninja Museum, where we can learn more about these fascinating historical warrior figures through exhibitions, shows and surprising gimmicks.
  • We enter a ninja residence where a guide will accompany us to explore the various rooms illustrating tactically hidden traps and tricks.
  • In the two rooms dedicated to ninja art, we admire a collection of tools, weapons and costumes that tell us more about the ninja lifestyle and their techniques. We can even touch and use some of the items on display!
  • We witness a thrilling live ninja show with real weapons such as the famous shuriken, cross or star-shaped darts that are thrown in battle.
  • We continue our excursion with a visit to Ueno castle which offers amazing panoramic views of the city. Built towards the late 16th century and later extended, it was rebuilt in the 20th century like many other Japanese manors. The exclusive way in which wood is used gives the castle a fascinating authentic appearance both inside and out.
  • On our way back to the ship, we will *stop for photos at Seki-juku, a historical coaching inn where we can still admire traditional wooden buildings along the road.
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Adult US$ 130.00
Child (3-13 old) US$ 97.50
Length 7 hours approximately
Level Easy Easy
Type Sightseeing Sightseeing
What you need to know
  • Itinerary sequence may vary.
  • The length of the coach transfer depends on the itinerary.
  • We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available.
  • Traffic jams are to be expected during tourist season.
  • Money cannot be exchanged in the port, we recommend buying Japanese currency beforehand.
  • Visibility during the tour is subject to weather conditions.
  • Comfortable shoes with a low heel are recommended.