It's worthwhile booking excursions before you set off!

The advantages
of Total Comfort and Deluxe rates
apply to excursions too

If you book at least one excursion before you set off (based on a minimum number of tours), you'll receive special discounts that increase depending on how many excursions you book.

Se hai già acquistato la tua crociera, inizia a pensare a come personalizzarla, ancora prima di partire.
Rendila unica fin da subito, prenotando le tue escursioni!

The more you book, the more you save
See the combinations of excursions we offer. The discounts vary depending on the cruise chosen, the rate you purchased the cruise at and how many excursions you book.
Have a look at the table,
you're guaranteed to make a saving
Which cruise have you chosen? Number of excursions booked If you have booked your cruise at one of the following rates, you'll save (on the lowest price excursion)
Short break cruises from 3 to 6 days
Western Mediterranean 7 days
Eastern Mediterranean 7 days
3 30%
4 50%
5 80%
6 100%
Caribbean from 7 to 10 days
Dubai 7 days
Canaries and Mediterranean from 8 to 12 days
Norwegian Fjords 7 days
Northern capitals 7 days
India and Maldiven 7 days
South America
4 30%
5 50%
6 80%
7 100%
Transatlantic cruises
Cruises over 12 days*
6 30%
7 50%
8 80%
9 100%

Please note:
Discounts will be applied on board to the ship's whole itinerary, not to the individual legs of the cruise.
Discounts on excursions will be applied directly on board, only if at least one excursion has been booked before departure.

*Excludes Round the World cruises and the legs they consist of and cruises in the Far East.

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