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After deparing from port, bus stops at Shiroyama observatory where you'll see the city of Kagoshima, Kinko Bay. When the weather is fine, you'll see Sakurajima, too.

Next, tour stops at IO WORLD KAGOSHIMA aquarium, the highlight of the tour. Its showcases the diverse collection of marine life using exhibits organized according to theme. This includes the Kurosio Current and the waters off the Nansei Islands on the second floor and the waters off Kagoshima on the fourth floor that focuses on Kinko Bay.

Before returning to the port, you'll visit Tenmonkan for shopping. You'll find Kagoshima's popular souvenirs, confections, shochu and more.

There are some popular shops such as 'Shirokuma' shave ice, and Kagoshima Ramen. Enjoy your trip in Kagoshima!

What we will see
  • Shiroyama lookout
  • Kagoshima aquarium
  • Tenmonkan district

What we will do
  • We leave the port and reach the Shiroyama lookout where our gaze stretches over the entire city of Kagoshima and Kinko bay with the Sakurajima volcano in the distance on clear days.
  • We then head to the Kagoshima aquarium which focuses mainly on local sea animals with specific sections dedicated to Kagoshima bay and the many islets and archipelagos just south of the Japanese coast.
  • We admire the huge tank showcasing animals that inhabit the Kuroshio sea current such as the impressive whale shark, agile manta rays and shoals of tuna. We will soon be enveloped in their habitat as the tank turns into a see-through tunnel!
  • We end our excursion with some shopping in the Tenmonkan district where we can purchase a few souvenirs or enjoy some delicacies such as the shirokuma slush and typical Kagoshima ramen.
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Adult US$ 90.00
Child (3-13 old) US$ 67.50
Length 4 1/2 hours approximately
Level Easy Easy
Type Good for shopping Good for shopping
Fun Fun
Recommended for families Recommended for families