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Excursion 'The best of Miyakojima'


This is the Best Of Miyakojima which visits popular sightseeing places in Miyakojima. The first visit of the tour is Higashi-Hennazaki is the southeastern cape which is stuck out into a cobelt blue sea. At the tip of the two kilometer long, narrow peninsula stands a handsome lighthouse. This is chosen as one of The Nationally designated scenic spot. Before returning port, taking lift at The Shigira Lift Ocean Sky which is newly opened in 2016. It is the only pair lift in Okinawa Area. Full length 283 meter long cable car provide breathtaking landscape of Miyakojima Island.

What we will see

* Cape Higashi-Hennazaki

* White lighthouse

* Shigira Lift Ocean Sky panoramic cable car

What we will do

* Our tour of the island of Miyakojima starts with a visit to the **cape of Higashi-Hennazaki** in the south-eastern part of the island and lapped by the Pacific Ocean to the left and the East China Sea to the right. It Is a narrow flat stretch of land that stands out from the cobalt blue of the sea and named after its position (“Higashi” means East, where the Sun rises).

 * The promontory is a couple of km long and 160 metres wide, while the water is approximately 20 metres deep. * A snowy **white lighthouse** is perched on the peak offering amazing views from the observation bridge.

 * This place has been declared one of Japan's top one hundred scenic spots.

* Before making our way back to the port, we have the opportunity to **ride on the Shigira Lift Ocean Sky**, a **panoramic cable car** opened in 2016.

 * It's the only cable car in the Okinawa area.

 * With a total length of 283 metres, it provides breathtaking views over the island of Miyakojima.

When would you like to leave?
Adult US$ 95.00
Child (3-13 old) US$ 71.25
Length 4 hours approximately
Level Moderate Moderate
What you need to know

* The Ocean Sky Lift may be cancelled without prior warning depending on weather conditions.

* Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

* We recommend purchasing Japanese Yens on board.

* Guests with mobility problems and those in wheelchairs will be assisted while getting on and off the coach.

* Itinerary sequence may vary without prior warning.