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An exciting tour for all ages, literally immersed in the wonders of the sea. We discover the marine flora and fauna aboard a semi-submarine, have unique experiences in contact with the sea in the park’s many attractions and watch an entertaining sea lion show.

What we will see
  • Outbound sightseeing tour
  • Coral World Ocean Park
  • Nautilus semi-submarine
  • Marine Gardens, Shark Shallows, Touch Pool
  • Sea lion show
  • Shopping and drinks
  • Return sightseeing tour

What we will do
  • We will start our excursion with a sightseeing tour across part of the island that leads from the port towards our destination on this exciting day.
  • We arrive at the Coral World Ocean Park, a unique aquarium of its kind, where we can literally dive into the underwater world surrounding the island.
  • We are greeted by staff who take us on board the Nautilus, a high-tech semi-submarine with large windows through which we can admire the wonders hidden beneath the surface of the sea.
  • In a comfortable air-conditioned panoramic cabin, two and a half metres deep, we observe natural coral gardens and a host of tropical fish while an expert naturalist tells us sea stories and secrets of the fascinating marine life.
  • While exploring the sea grass beds in search of pirate wrecks, we will be on the look out for turtles and rays.The onboard monitor will also give us a fish-eye view in a virtual tour made possible by an underwater robot with built-in video camera. The fish are so close that you feel like you can touch them!
  • At the end of this exciting adventure, we have about an hour and a half to explore the marine park, which offers so many fascinating attractions.
  • We can bask in the sight of tropical fish of all types and curious marine species in the 21 aquariums- of the Marine Gardens watch the young sharks in the big tank called Shark Shallows or even touch starfish, anemones and sea cucumbers in the Touch Pool in the company of an assistant.
  • We will see a unique show with a sea lion who will entertain us with his antics and surprise us with his intelligence.
  • We will conclude the day shopping in the gift shop and with a snack. Then of course we will have to make a toast with a Shark Bite, a typical drink served at the park's Shark Bar for a fitting end to this extraordinary experience.
  • Then we head back feasting our eyes on beautiful landscapes in the scenic tour back to the ship.
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Adult € 59.00
Child (3-13 old) € 44.25
Length 3 1/2 hours approximately
Level Easy Easy
Type Recommended for families Recommended for families
What you need to know
  • Space is limited, so be sure to book early.