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A panoramic tour along the magnificent coast of Montenegro to explore traces of its long and turbulent history.

What we will see
  • Dubrovnik: the old city
  • The coastline of Croatia and Montenegro up to the Bay of Kotor
  • The city of Kotor
  • The historic city of Budva with its medieval fortifications

What we will do
  • We begin our panoramic tour of Montenegro by crossing the old city of Dubrovnik and continuing along the coast to the Bay of Kotor: a series of coves made up of ancient interconnected river valleys flooded by the sea, penetrating deep into the hinterland creating a landscape reminiscent of Norwegian fjords. Thanks to its beauty the bay has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • On our journey round the bay, we encounter the towns of Risan and Perast before reaching our first destination, the city of Kotor, where we stop to visit some of the major historic and cultural monuments such as the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, which boasts Romanesque and Byzantine elements, and the Maritime Museum which preserves models of historic ships and sailing boats that bear witness to the evolution of naval transport.
  • In our free time at the end of the guided tour we can enjoy Kotor's charming historic centre in our own time.
  • We then set off again for Budva, one of the oldest towns in the region and once a domain of the Venetian Republic. According to legend the city was founded by Cadmus, the son of the Phoenician king Agenor, who arrived from Thebes by wagon to a place he called Bouthoe. The town lies on what was once an island connected to the mainland only by a strip of sand, which then widened over time, transforming the island into a peninsula.
  • The city's historic centre is surrounded by bastions dating from the 15th century which form a system of medieval fortifications with gates, curtain walls and towers. Within the walls, the narrow, winding streets, squares, churches, monuments and fortresses provide an evocative atmosphere that retains a typically medieval appearance despite the numerous sieges and earthquakes the town has withstood.
  • Before returning to the ship, in our free time we can have lunch in one of the city centre's cafés or restaurants.
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Adult € 75.00
Child (3-13 old) € 52.50
Length 8 hours approximately
Level Easy Easy
Type Cultural Cultural
Meal not included Meal not included
What you need to know
  • You must bring a valid passport or, for European citizens, a valid identity card.