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Robert Ripley traveled the world finding odd stories and printing them in cartoonish panes for many US newspapers. The features then moved to radio, film, and finally television. He was the first person of the modern age that really tried to make the world a little smaller by showing us all how unique we can be. Press releases noted that the museum would contain some 700 examples of Ripley’s collection near the beautiful Jungmun Resort. Ripley’s "Believe It or Not!" Museum (originally created by Robert Ripley) is the largest museum franchise business in the world, with 31 locations worldwide. You will be awed by a large selection of hard-to-believe pieces including part of the Berlin Wall from 1989, meteorites from Mars, and a life-size model of man that's part Unicorn. All the items on display come complete with anecdotes and historical explanations, which present an amusing alternative to traditional museums. Jungmun Beach has a sandy shore so fine that it is called Jinmosal. The white sand beach is 560m long and the water has an average depth of 1.2m. This area is often used for TV commercials, and the turbulent water is great for windsurfing and other water sports. Before back to the ship, you will have some free time at a shopping area.

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Adult US$ 49.00
Child (3-13 old) US$ 36.75
Length 4 hours approximately
Level Easy Easy
Type Cultural Cultural
Good for shopping Good for shopping
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