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EVERY PORT IS A VACATION WITHIN A VACATION There are so many Costa excursions that you're bound to find the perfect one. Choose the attraction or the experience that appeals to you, or look for the type of excursion you prefer - adventure, shopping or a more traditional tour. Our excursions are specifically designed to offer something for everyone. There's a wide range to choose from: relaxing trips discovering the local nature and culture, perfect for both our older and younger guests, to more energetic and sports-oriented outings for guests who like to be adventurous. And guests will always be accompanied by expert staff!

Choose the excursion that is the most exciting to you and create your dream vacation!

Unique Experiences

Premium CostaTours!: unique excursions that make your holiday extraordinary Our excursions take you to the most beautiful destinations in the world. Costa offers traditional CostaTours! as well as Easy tours giving you all the freedom you want, Bike tours to explore destinations on two wheels, and Experience tours that shows you what life is really like in the places you visit. We recommend you to combine the tours with, for example food and wine tours, to give you a taste of the very best local cuisine. All the ships in our fleet also offer Premium CostaTours!: a selection of the most popular and top rated excursions for each destination, reserved for small groups of a maximum of 25 people. If you would like to organize your own tailor-made tour, our personalized excursions offer the best services just for you and group, giving you total independence and allowing you to explore at your own pace. Choose whatever means of transport you prefer: a luxury car, comfortable minibus, modern jeep, an exclusive yacht, or an elegant sail boat. You will be the one who decides what to do and how much time to spend on each visit and itinerary.

Eco CostaTours!

RESPECTFUL VACATIONS By choosing Costa Cruises you can combine the fun, relaxation and adventure of a cruise with a responsible and more environmentally-friendly way of traveling. An eco-excursion in a protected park or an ecological oasis provides opportunities for amazing encounters with nature and unforgettable thrills! An eco-excursion allows you to visit these places in a different way while using means of transport that have zero environmental impact! An Eco CostaTour allows you to experience all the wonderful local traditions of the places you visit, and provide support to the people you will meet and help preserve their culture at the same time. It's a great feeling knowing that you can have a unique experience at the same time as you are supporting local development!

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