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The Himeyuri Monument was constructed here in memory of the young girls and teachers who served as nurses for the Japanese Army and who lost their lives during the Battle of Okinawa. The Himeyuri Peace Museum displays a full-size replica of a bomb shelter, books of testimonials and portraits of the victims.

Next stop is at Ryukyu Glass Village is the largest glass factory in Okinawa Japan, established in 1985.

Their glassware is 100% handmade with vivid colors and various shapes like picturing the nature of Okinawa, specializing in blown & cased glass, created by skilled craftsmen.The unique beauty of Ryukyu glass and the brilliance of the red, blue and green, in which Okinawa’s abundant nature can be felt, gives warmth and deep relaxation to the hearts of those who see it and use Ryukyu glass.

Before returning to the port, tour stops at The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters was the headquarters of Japanese army which the land of Okinawa the only battle field which civilians were involved, and it is partly presented to the public.

Appeals the tragedy of the war and wish peace. The museum exhibits the relic and pictures.

What we will see
  • Himeyuri tower
  • Himeyuri peace museum
  • Visit to a gamous glass workshop
  • Former Navy Headquarters

What we will do

The first stop on our excursion along memory lane is the Himeyuri tower, erected to commemorate the sacrifice of dozens of students and teachers who helped soldiers during the battle of Okinawa thereby losing their lives.

We also visit the Himeyuri Peace Museum located over the cave that was converted into a field hospital. As requested by the survivors, the museum displays a life-size reproduction of a bomb shelter, direct testimonies and photos of the victims.

After our visit, we move on to a famous glass workshop, the largest in Okinawa founded in 1985.

Here, we can admire the skills of the craftsmen who make colourful glass artefacts by hand with bright colours such as red, blue and green inspired by Okinawa’s lush nature and instilling a tremendous sense of peace in visitors.

Before returning to the port, we visit the Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters during the battle of Okinawa, the only one of the Second World War where the civilian population was heavily involved. The museum displays mementos and photographs illustrating the battle with the precise purpose of encouraging world peace.

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Adult $ 75.00
Child (3-13 old) $ 56.25
Length 5 hours approximately
Level Easy Easy
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