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A wonderful occasion to enjoy the marvels of one of the leading artistic, tourist, cultural and university hubs in the Bel Paese. Let us discover the beauty of this Baroque Sabaudian city and the history of  cinema ....

What we will see

* The Museum of Cinema
* The historical city centre of Turin

What we will do

* We depart by coach from the port of Savona headed for **Turin**.

* This destination is perfect to satisfy the preferences of members from the same family, as we can choose among the *Egyptian Museum**, the second in the world for the vastness of its collection, the **Museum of Cinema**, the **Juventus Museum** or the **Palace of Venaria**.

* After completing the chosen visit, the coach takes us to meet our guide who will help us discover the **historical city centre**, declared a **UNESCO World Heritage Site**.

* After our tour, we receive a **map** indicating some of the best and unique **restaurants and historical cafés** where we can savour the typical local cuisine at prices reserved especially for us. But there is more on offer: by returning to this amazing city before February 2018, we can enjoy additional discounts when visiting museums and exhibitions...

When would you like to leave?
Adult € 69.00
Child (3-13 old) € 48.30
Length 9 hours approximately
Level Moderate Moderate
Type Sightseeing Sightseeing
Cultural Cultural
Recommended for families Recommended for families
Sport lovers Sport lovers
What you need to know

* The transfer to Turin lasts 1 hour and a half on the motorway

* The tour is not suitable for guests with reduced mobility